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Dana with her pup, Jones

At the Intersection of Storytelling and Data

SEM | SEO | Paid Search | Strategy | UI/UX | Storytelling | Consulting | Tennis

What is She all About?

My story starts in a 5th-grade classroom, under fluorescent lights that shined off of the laminated desks with a fake wood color. At the top of my desk specifically was a piece of paper, with tape curling at the edges from time, and my own fiddling. It contained specific days and times that I was meant to leave my peers and join a separate class of students with IEPs. I struggle with words and reading. One of my funnier instances with it being when I texted a friend a picture of my coffee with the caption "nectar of the dogs." I like to think 'g-d' and 'dog' has the same letters for good reason. But, leaving class was something I dreaded. I felt like an outsider, I felt like I had to catch up to the rest of the class when I returned, and I felt like I was seen as not good enough. So, I attempted to 'forget' to go to these separate classes. With all my elementary school might, I would hope my teachers would forget too.  My might was never that strong. So one day, my teacher got a call and proceeded to cuss me out in front of the entire class. Well, she didn't cuss me out, but the feeling of hurt and frustration was all the same. with my dyslexia. School was never easy, but I refused to let that define me. I worked hard and earned my spot at the University of Colorado Boulder. It was there that I had a revelation: storytelling has always been my passion.

While I know firsthand that working hard takes you far in life, I would have never been able to get a solid education without scholarships, jobs, and student loans. Because of that, one of my life goals is to fund scholarships for students who need assistance affording school and to offer pro-bono marketing help and marketing grants for small businesses to kickstart their marketing and help their businesses thrive.

What is She Capable of?

6% CTR Growth MoM

Lead gen DTC client with goal of user experience

3% CPC Decrease MoM

Lead gen DTC client focused on budget efficency

11% Decrease in CPM YoY

Tourism client focused on video cost efficency

1,850% Increase in Conversions (2 Min on Site) YoY

Tourism client focused on high intent users from video

Conversion Rate Increased From 0.04% to 1.7% WoW

E-commerce client focused on conversion optimization leading to BFCM week

20% CTR YoY Growth in 6 Months

E-commerce client focused on ads with positive user experience

36.6% MoM Growth Impressions

Lead gen DTC client focused on awareness

$14.00 Blended ROAS BFCM

E-commerce client focused on conversion optimization for BFCM

Why is she a Gremlin?

A joke about the long hours I will work in order to get a project done or meet a timeline, leading me to looking like a gremlin in morning meetings.

Dana with her pup, Jones
Dana with her pup, Jones

What Do They Say About Her?

"Dana was always incredibly responsive and very capable of working under pressure and tight deadlines. She consistently kept an open line of communication and always remained approachable and accessible. Dana exhibited both a degree of professionalism and character that helped foster a friendly and healthy culture in the workplace." -Aaron Zimmerman, Head of Branded Content, Executive Producer, Director, and Editor at TSM 

"Dana’s expertise and dedication are truly remarkable. She taught me so much in such a brief period, and I wish we had more time to work together. Her insights and approach to data-driven marketing have been invaluable to my growth." - Kubilay (Kubi) Karabulut, Blitz

“Her knowledge in SEM was unmatched, from optimizing campaigns to perform above average to educating clients on best practices. On top of this, her consistent communication allowed information to flow eloquently between teams to ensure that strategies were aligned across different platforms. " - Anthony K. Nguyen, Growth Marketer at Cubby Beds

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